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"My name is Samitha Sing, currently in  the Year 10 accelerated Class.

I started Edtrack Tuition in 3rd Term 2009 and I am absolutely over the moon because I am doing so well! Edtrack teachers helped me to do best with my Maths Methods, Chemistry and other subjects. Currently, Im scoring above 90%. I am definitely benefiting from Edtrack Tuition

"My name is Isha , currently in Year 11.  I got  90% in my last exam just before Christmas. I have definitely benefited from Edtrack Tuition"

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According to her mother Mrs Walker, student Jennifer started off year 3 being a star mathematician. However over the past year, young Jennifer was not able to keep up with her usual high standards.

Worried about her daughter's performance, Mrs Walker heard about the Edtrack Education Saturday school through her daughter's mainstream school and decided to bring Jennifer to the Edtrack program.

Within 5 months Mrs Walker noticed how confident her 8 year old was. Her teacher at school also commented that Jennifer had reached to  the top group again too.

Both Mrs Walker and Jennifer were over the moon and thanked Edtrack Teachers for the success they have achieved.