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Edtrack Education Institute
           "Tutoring Center that can help your Child to achieve!"
Why Edtrack Tutoring?

Edtrack Education Institute teachers are carefully chosen because they want to do more than just tutor your child. They share a love for teaching, and a commitment to support, encourage and educate every student.
Most Edtrack teachers are members of your own community and teach in the local schools. This means they have an understanding of the local school's curriculum and can better link the lessons taught at Edtrack with what's being taught in school.

Since 2009, Edtrack Education Institute has been using cognitive learning techniques to help children develop more effective ways of thinking, concentrating, listening and remembering. Founder and Principal at Edtrack Education Institute Mr. Mano Perera is an Expert teacher who has work number of government schools in Victoria and Overseas countries such as China and Taiwan.

Mr. Perera has extensive experience in classroom teaching and developed the learning approach more relevant to the Victorian curriculum and new Australian curriculum.

Mr.Pereraís approach is based on proven scientific research into how children actually learn. Learning is not about memorising facts. Itís about knowing, really understanding, how to integrate and retain new information.

Edtrack Education Institute goes beyond tutoring, to help ignite your childís interest in learning, not just for one school year, but for a lifetime.

Teaching Children How to Learn

Learning is a learned skill! At Edtrack Education, we teach children how to mentally organise new information so that it makes sense. This is the critical first step toward good grades and Edtrack Education Institute is the only supplemental educator focused on teaching children to develop these organising skills. With this foundation, your child becomes an independent learner, better equipped to take in and retain new information on his or her own.

Better Grades, Greater Confidence

Working in small groups under the personal direction of a highly qualified instructor, Edtrack Education Institute students develop cognitive learning techniques and study skills that help them perform better in daily schoolwork and on tests. The result is a confident, capable student, better equipped to learn any subject matter, in any environment, now and in the future.

How do you know your child is doing well?

Each Edtrack Education program begins with a Assessment, our own assessment tools, to help us better understand the individual characteristics of every child we teach.

Only then can we design a customized cognitive learning program for your child, one that engages each student right from the start, leading them to better grades and beyond. This will prove from your child school teacher's comments, at parent teacher Interview, school Team assessments  and Tests.

Regular Program Reviews

Our teachers relationship with you and your child is a partnership for success. Thatís why we keep you up to date with regularly scheduled Lesson Plan Reviews. Youíll always know what your child has been working on and how far he or she has come on this journey to success!

Just one to two hours a week can make a world of difference in developing the right skills and habits to succeed, no matter what the subject or the grade level.

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